ProQC Vietnam Inspection Services provide local and foreign clients the following benifits:

To bussiness activities: Our survey certificates give out the objective evidence for delivery-receive cargo and payment procedures; promote commodity circle, that is the best effect for enterprises.

To investment activities: We coordinate to investors to promote process of project implementation, to require the full responsibility and obligation of supplier/seller in providing cargo quantity, quality, categories, technical specifications, synchronization, etc. We investigate the reason and responsibility of related partners in manufacturing, packing, exchanging cargoes if incident did occur.

To enterprise management and administration: We provide group of impartial, experienced, active surveyors and experts to inspect and investigate the enterprise activities; report timely the accurate and objective data for supporting enterprise manager in evaluating actual effects of bussiness activities and planning for the follow-up.

To customs clearance, insurance and investigation: Our suvey certificates are expected to be one of the important profile to make a claim on insurance, customs clearance on import-exporting; or evident documentary to implement investment, report and explain to investigative authorities and goverment agencies.

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